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"Yes, I Am Ready To Create A Home And Life I Love"
Join The Creating Calm Life Transformation Program 
A Community Of Intentional Women On The Rise
What It Takes To Work With Christine
Congratulations! You just took a big step to show up in the world, which takes courage. The goal of this application is to see if we can be a good fit for working together. There is limited space in the program and I believe every relationship should be a win for both of us.
The Next Program Sessions Begin October 3, 2018.
Learn More Below Or Apply Now:
You are here because you know life can be more easeful, peaceful and joyful. You have so much to give and are ready to receive.

You’re ready to create a beautiful home and a fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, some days it all feels too hard. You get overwhelmed and wonder…
  • Can I be the patient, playful mother I want to be?
  • Can I stop yelling at my kids?
  • Will my marriage survive the stress of family life?
  • Can I keep my home uncluttered and find the things I need?
  • Is it possible to feel on top of it all?
  • Is it possible to not feel embarrassed and ashamed about the condition of my home when people come to visit?
  • Am I taking the right action to move my family forward? 
You’re hopeful about all the joyful possibilities of simplicity, connection and healing. You’re ready to make the necessary changes.

But you are asking how do I even start, make time for me and stay on top of my daily responsibilities?

You work so hard everyday. It’s time to feel the pleasure and joy that is possible in motherhood. 

You are ready for a connected community of compassionate, grounded and understanding women who are there to hold space for your struggles in the difficult moments, to hold you accountable and celebrate your every step towards CREATING A LIFE ALIGNED WITH YOUR VALUES.

You want an experienced, compassionate, open-minded and hearted coach who can light your path as you heal and reach the creative solutions that are right for your family.
This Is The Reason I Created The
Creating Calm Life Transformation Program:
Your Coach, Christine O'Brien
I know that creating the home and life that feels connected, joyful, and fulfilling can be difficult. I’ve struggled and studied and am on a healing path. Having spent over 20 years working with children and families I know the confidence, joy and healing that is possible for you when you break through the barriers.  
I've experienced this transformation myself and I've supported families through it. I know what it takes to get you there.
You need a clear, individualized plan, support keeping your dreams a priority and a coach to guide you through your mind-set blocks as they arise. So you can create a life you don’t want to escape from. 

This is what matters. Because..

  • You’re tired of waking up dreading the day.
  • You’re done with constantly cleaning and still having a cluttered house.
  • You’ve had enough of feeling disconnected and overwhelmed.
The Creating Calm Life Transformation Is For You If..
You Want Personal Healing
You are prioritizing personal well-being and healing and transformation in your life this year.
You Want Connection
You are interested in "Simplicity Parenting" or simplifying your schedule and life especially for your children so you all feel connected and relaxed more often. 
You Want to Simplify
You have awareness of konmari or the idea of simplifying your home environment to clear your space and emotions in order to live with more ease and joy.
You Want To Prioritize Relationships
You are open to the "Hand in Hand" parenting strategies and want to deepen your understanding of listening skills to build solid relationships with your children and partner. 
You Want To Share With The World
You know that vulnerability and belonging are places that need healing and you want to step out in the world and share your gifts. 
You Want To Express Your Creativity
You desire getting reconnected with your creativity and self-expression. And be in a community that supports you.
You Want To Open To 
You want to bring back the fiery romance and passion to your relationship, you are ready to open to pleasure. 
You Want To Feel Fully Present
You are ready to let go of everything that is holding you back from being fully present and enjoying life completely. 
You Want To Take Charge of Your Life
You are ready to commit to creating a home and life you love. You feel in your gut that it’s time to be the Queen of everything. 
The Creating Calm Life Transformation Program Includes:

Setting Your Vision - 1:1 Personal Coaching Session

Together in this vision creating session you will get crystal clear on what you want your home and life to look and feel. We will  plan out our work for the following months. So you can move easefully towards your dream life. 

2 High-Level 1:1 Monthly Coaching Sessions

We deep dive into your hot button challenges – parenting, simplifying, organizing, creating space for yourself…whatever you choose, we take a hard look into the challenge, what’s getting in your way and the solutions to create calm in your life. Small doable actions  over time means dramatic transformation for your life. 

Weekly Recorded Group Coaching Calls 

We will gather together and share our group wisdom to help lift one another during virtual group coaching and strategy sessions via Zoom. You receive a recording of the session to revisit whenever you’d like. 

Private Facebook Group

A place to gather anytime we need to give or receive inspiration, support or sharing. We will share regularly to keep connected and informed. This is a supportive and encouraging place to celebrate our successes and learning as we step towards our goals. 

Expert Monthly Workshops

Presented by experts in the field - each month we will dive into topics that bring light to subjects close to our heart. We will learn from fellow wise women the ways they have found to bring peace to their parenting and calm and joy to their family home.  

Bi-Monthly Simplifying Sessions

The simplifying sessions are a personalized done-with-you service to bring calm to your home. These sessions will be in-person or virtual depending upon what we decide is best. You’ll walk away from our time together with fresh, airy and calm spaces in your home. 
What Others Have To Say:
The Coaching:

..Christine guided me to find my vision for my home and my life.

During our coaching sessions, Christine guided me to find my vision for my home and my life. I am now more confident and have a better understanding of what I want and what my goal are. Christine always gave me the space to find the answer that works best for me. I would recommend Christine as a life coach to anyone who feels overwhelmed and needs some help finding direction.

..Christine’s enthusiasm, patience, and insight will be your guiding light.

If you are a busy, working mom with lots of meaningful endeavors in your life, and you are ready for the joy-sparking spaciousness that will open up in your home and free you to pursue those meaningful endeavors, Christine’s enthusiasm, patience, and insight will be your guiding light.
The Community:

I have accomplished more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 3 months!

The Creating Calm Community group coaching program has been really helpful for me. I knew I wanted to complete the KonMari process, but was feeling so overwhelmed. It just seemed like too much. In the group, they really break it down into baby steps and make it doable. I like it because it makes me set goals and sharing with the group keeps me accountable for my actions. I have accomplished more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 3 months!

Christine’s coaching, along with having a support group, has been inspiring and motivating.

I needed more of a push after reading about the Konmari method. After lurking around on decluttering groups for over a year, I decided to get that help. Christine’s coaching, along with having a support group, has been inspiring and motivating. She is so supportive in your struggles and gets down to the deeper meaning of what might be holding you back. She is also good at helping you set goals and is very positive about your progress. I am in the middle of the process, but excited about the vision and accomplishing my decluttering goals!”
The Program:

With Christine's help, my overwhelming feelings of fear just melted away. 

With Christine’s help, my overwhelming feelings of fear just melted away. She not only helped me sort through piles that had been in my way for more than a year (!) but she showed me how to do it for myself next time.

In 3 hours, we cleared 3 huge black bags..

I want to give another shout out about Christine O’Brien and how helpful it was to have her guidance and support around lightening our load. We have the KonMari book and tried in bits and bursts, but got mountains further having an expert support us. In 3 hours, we cleared 3 huge black bags of “no joy” out of our wardrobe and learned a new folding method that we have miraculously maintained months later even after having another baby!

Christine helped me find solutions that work for our family and schedule

I had been KonMari-ing for several months, but I kept getting distracted and my progress stagnated. The clearing takes SO much longer with two little ones. Christine helped me find solutions that work for our family and schedule and motivated me to keep at it. I’m so much happier in our space.”

Christine supported me through a clear and easy process of transformation.

My kitchen is now a warm welcoming center for family and friends. Christine supported me through a clear and easy process of transformation. She is knowledgeable and friendly, and really knows how to help with the toughest decisions. I highly recommend her services and am thankful for her guidance.”
The Next Session Begins October 3, 2018. Don't Miss Out!
I Am Looking Forward To Meeting You
Please fill out your application and you will be contacted within 24 hours:
“We don't heal in isolation, but in community”
S. Kelley Harrell
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